Acts of Random Kindness for 150 days!

November 1

This was all saints’ day and as tradition, we all go to the cemetery and visit our now-in-heaven loved ones.

For us, it’s our tatay (lolo). This day, there were kids walking around within the cemetery holding plastics full of candle left-overs. And may 2 boys na lumapit sa may gate ng mausoleum namin. They were looking at the candles, tinuturo which one would be theirs. Me, alone that time, feeling annoyed and feeling obligated to protect the candles, told the kids na bawal kumuha ng kandila. They stood there for awhile and then left.

I thought I did the right thing. But then I felt guilty, seeing other sets of kids walking pass pass and through sa may daanan sa sementeryo. They were all looking for candle left-overs. I thought kasi the 2 boys were out to get the whole candles. But to my late brain thinking, hindi naman. Yung left-overs nga lang ang gusto nila.

I decided to get the left overs from the candles myself, to prepare it for another set of kids who would go to our mausoleum to ask for them. With God’s annoyingly sweet little hand, the same 2 boys I shoo-ed earlier went back again. This time I greeted them with a smile and told them, “Sige, ito na oh :) Kunin niyo na.” I saw the gladness and surprise expressions from their faces. And grabeh kahit andami ko nang na-pull out na candle left overs, they still were eager to get as many as they can. They pulled away the parts na di kaya ng bare hands ko, may stick kasi silang dala. I helped them pull the hard parts kasi mainit and baka mapaso sila. I saw how eager and how in need they feel to have those. I asked them anong gagawin nila dun after, ibebenta daw nila. Wala lang. Sige masipag sila, pero I feel sorry na they would have to feel that obligated that time to earn money. But anyhoo, I also feel proud of them, that they can carry that much responsibility and independence kahit bata pa sila.

After nun, syempre after several minutes since yung kandila eh forever naman natutunaw, inaalis ko na din ung left-overs, for other kids na dadaan to ask for some. All of the kids na dumaan, ready na yung left-overs :D\

Praise God and thank You Lord for this first day of my ARKtivity!